Canadian Prices - Taxes Included


Why are they called the Cadillac?


Cadillac has been internationally known as a standard of quality for decades. We believe that our leather tool belts, pouches and accessories carry the same level of quality. We’ve named our Viking 100% leather Framing Aprons the “Cadillac” series so you’ll know it’s quality.


How big are the belts and pouches?


Our belts and pouches vary greatly in size to meet your needs. From the smallest leather tool pouch like our knife holder to the largest tool belt (the full-size Cadillac 701), we have a leather product sized to meet your needs on the job.


What comes standard on a Viking toolbelt?


Every Viking toolbelt comes standard with 100% high-quality leather hand crafted in Canada. Every piece of Viking Leather comes with a standard of quality-you can choose the other attributes yourself to create your ultimate leather tool belt.


How much do they weigh?


Viking Leather Products vary in size and weight. Our larger tool belts weigh more than our smaller pouches due to the high quality leather and all-metal construction. Some of our accessories weigh under a pound, and some of our tool belts go up to 10 pounds.


Is it genuine leather?


Viking Leather uses only the best available hides to create our 100% leather products. Every single piece of leather that leaves our workshop has been hand-formed and is completely genuine real leather.


What is the warranty?


Viking Leather Products, Inc. warrants, to the original purchaser only, that ALL Viking Leather tool belts and tool bags will be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase.


Why do they cost so much?


Compared to lesser products, Viking Leather does carry a higher price tag. However, these inferior products will not last as long, work as well, be as comfortable, or as customizable as Viking leather. Other high-quality leather products for professionals fall into the same price range as our products. Viking toolbelts are made in Canada from the highest grade leathers and durable products. They are hand-sewn and custom built for you based on your profession and needs Viking Toolbelts will last you a lifetime, whereas the other brands may only last a few years at most.


What’s difference between your series? (401, 501, etc)


Our Cadillac models are made with specific needs in mind. From the 201 to the 701, you’ll be able to find the Viking Cadillac framing apron that fits you perfectly. The 201 and the 301 are the same size and have the same features-except the 301 has thicker leather. Our Cadillac 401 has the smallest pockets-it’s meant specifically for finishing. The 501, the 601 and the 701 have the same size pockets, but the 501 can be custom –made with pouches of your choice. Finally, the 701 Cadillac pouch has a wider belt for better back support.


What is the shipping time?


All of our products are handmade and due to the availability of leather we do not carry inventory of all of our products. Many orders demand to be handmade upon ordering. Due to this process our shipping can vary anywhere from 3-8 business days.


What colors are available?


We originally created only two colors: the classic Black and Brown. We’ve expanded our color selections to include Red Dog.


What are the belt sizes? Do they go up above 52”?


We offer 49” and 52” belts. We feel these are the best sizes to make our belts match our pouches. However-the customer always comes first, so we can extend belts up to 64” for an additional price. Please contact us for special order information.


Where are they made?


All of our Viking Leather products are handmade In beautiful Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.


How do I become a Dealer?


Thanks for asking! We’d love to have Viking Leather Products carried by more dealers. We have a form on our website under “Become A Dealer”. Just fill out a simple credit application and send it to us and we’ll get in touch with you.


How long will the belt last?


Longer than you would expect. With proper care and treatment, Viking leather belts have lasted up to 25 years. Viking Leather tool belts, pouches and accessories are some of the most durable leather goods on the market today.


Do you make Left handed specific belts?


We are happy to supply left hand-specific belts.


How are Viking toolbelts different than other brands?


Viking toolbelts are double riveted, double reinforced, hand made, and built from a heavy grade all natural leather.


Can I get my Team logo on the belt?


We’d love to put your team’s logo on your personalized belt. For a special charge of $150.00 we will make a stamp and make you a one-of-a-kind belt!