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Designed For Professionals

Our Tool Belts, Aprons, Pouches and Accessories are made to withstand the rigours put upon them by any professional tradesperson

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The details are what separates us from the rest. Higher-quality components such as stitching and grommets are added to our tough leather base.

All seams are reinforced and riveted for extra strength. The Big-Box store belt often has inferior-grade rivets and less structural support.

Viking Leather Products are triple-riveted at the main seam between pocket and belt. Other belts are loosely riveted on a single stitch.

Every element of Viking aprons are made from high-quality leather. The Viking apron is three times as strong, with extra RIVETS and 100% leather.

Every Viking belt and pouch is made durable and spacious with strong pockets… enough space for all your tools.