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Designed For Professionals

Our Tool Belts, Aprons, Pouches and Accessories are made to withstand the rigours put upon them by any professional tradesperson

Exciting News!!!

You have given us your feedback and we have listen!

Keep an eye out during the month of August because not only will we be adding new features to our existing products, but we will soon showcase brand new products to help make your jobs easier.


The details are what separates us from the rest. Higher-quality components such as stitching and grommets are added to our tough leather base.

All seams are reinforced and riveted for extra strength. The Big-Box store belt often has inferior-grade rivets and less structural support.

Viking Leather Products are triple-riveted at the main seam between pocket and belt. Other belts are loosely riveted on a single stitch.

Every element of Viking aprons are made from high-quality leather. The Viking apron is three times as strong, with extra RIVETS and 100% leather.

Every Viking belt and pouch is made durable and spacious with strong pockets… enough space for all your tools.