Eight Pocket Tool Pouch

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Eight pockets; one fantastic pouch. Some jobs call for a lot of tools. Those same jobs require a pouch that can handle all those little things you know you may need. The Viking Leather Eight-Pocket Tool Pouch can handle everything and the kitchen sink-so don't leave home without it. Made out of heavy duty top-quality leather, our Eight-Pocket tool pouch is double-reinforced at all stress points to ensure a long and prosperous working life.


When you have the perfect tool for a job, you need something to store it in. While you’re on the job, you can’t have your tool too far from your hands. Although Viking Leather tool belts have all the pockets you’ll ever need, sometimes a tool needs a pouch.

Whether you are doing drywall, electrical, framing, or fine woodworking, Viking Leather has a pouch for your needs. 100% made in Canada from all high-quality leather, Viking Leather tool pouches are the perfect home for your tools. Our pouches are created with the professional tradesperson in mind with the goal of durability. These pouches will last. Get all the functionality you could want with a Viking Leather tool belt or build your own with our pouch system! You can add each pouch and tool holder to our belts to create your ultimate tool storage system.

All Viking Leather tool pouches are made by hand. With this amount of care and quality, you can be sure your tool pouch will take anything you can throw at it and last.

Available Colours

Deep, matte charcoal
Rich, classic chocolate
Red Dog
Warm, powerful, brick