Hammerholder - Steel Loop

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Sometimes you might need more than a tool belt or a pouch. When doing professional work, your tool storage solutions need to have professional capabilities. This led Viking Leather to create all of our accessories-the additional pouches and belts you need to get the job done right.

All Viking Leather accessories are made of 100% leather and are hand-crafted in Canada. Each and every pouch, belt, and tool holder is made to the exact specifications of professional tradespeople. The full Viking Leather line of accessories starts with our handmade belts-100% leather and made to work seamlessly with all Viking Leather pouches and accessories. These belts are the backbone of the Viking Leather system-strong, durable and long-lasting for every job. Add any number of our smaller accessory pouches to these belts and make your own perfect tool belt.

Available Colours

Deep, matte charcoal
Rich, classic chocolate
Red Dog
Warm, powerful, brick